In. Santarém “Volta à Rua” with a concert by Leo Middea

Festival In. Santarém “Volta à Rua” with emphasis on the Leo Middea Concert, on July 22, at 9 pm, at the Convento de S. Francisco. The singer and composer from Rio de Janeiro has toured the world with his guitar and is currently based in Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, where he recorded his new work.

VICENTINA’s twelve tracks carry many stories, travels and feelings that have already been able to make him navigate through several countries, to present his work. With almost 4 million performances of his songs, only on the Spotify digital platform, Leo Middea continues to twirl in the circle or immersed in silence, but always making us contemplate. Everything about him dances. Anyone who sees him on stage is surprised by his presence and young age.

More information and the complete festival program HERE.

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