In September, São Brás de Alportel continues on the Arts Route

In September, art marks a strong presence in São Brás de Alportel, in its most diverse manifestations, with nine exhibitions patent in four different spaces of the county.

The Municipal Gallery inaugurated yesterday, September 2, the exhibition of painting and drawing “Dance the Music”. A group project rtwaysArt is composed of a group of artists of different nationalities, residing in Portugal and with various artistic expressions. Anna Knoop, Aniie Daenens, Ben Helmink, Joke Can Der Steen and Henk de Vries exchange experiences and artistic inspirations and organize collective exhibitions like the one they now present in São Brás de Alportel, with the inspiring theme of music and dance. The exhibition is open at the Municipal Gallery until September 30th.

Alportel Museum Center presents the exhibition “Geosentir” until the end of October. From the artist’s insight, Sofia Batista, about the approach of man to new technologies and the distancing from nature, images that appeal to the growing need for balance and proximity to nature are reborn.

The Arts and Crafts Center has until the 14th exhibition “Subnigrum: Frontier” by artist Ana Vieira Ribeiro, who will be present on the 13th for guided tours of this exhibition that proposes a reflection on the past and the present. An initiative promoted by the Zer0 Museum.

Until the 30th, the Jolita Yamuna painting exhibition “The Beginnings” is also present at the Center for Arts and Crafts. By exposing her works, the artist expects them to produce some effect or feeling in others, such as love, curiosity or a sense of expansion.

The Costume Museum presents at Galeria Velha the photography exhibition “Frozen Movement”, until 25 and opens the 27th photography exhibition “Na Praia”. Both exhibitions are the responsibility of the Algarve Photographers Group. At the same time, Galeria Nova opens its doors to 14, with a Hans Van Hoogdalem painting exhibition.

At the Costume Museum, by the end of the year, you can learn more about the art of working with clay as well as the culture and tradition of roofing. An exhibition promoted by the Museum in partnership with the University of Algarve. “The Gears of Time” gives name to the permanent exhibition of the Costume Museum. More than an exhibition, it is a social approach to the decades that flanked the birth of São Brás de Alportel, in 1914, and its repercussions today.

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