In the next 48 hours are expected floods, strong winds and thunderstorms

Say goodbye to spring because it’s wintertime knocking on the door. But do not despair, it is expected that at the end of the week the weather will be mild again.

The Civil Protection launched this Monday, a warning to the population since it is expected, in the next 48 hours, a worsening of the weather.

This aggravation, according to the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC), includes periods of sometimes strong and persistent rainfall in the north and central regions, to the showers that “may be strong, hail and accompanied by thunderstorms” between the Tuesday afternoon and the end of Wednesday morning.

For the next 48 hours wind gusts up to 80 km/ha north of Cape Mondego are also expected, a speed that will rise to 100 km / h in the north and center from the afternoon of tomorrow until the early morning of Wednesday.

Starting at the end of tomorrow, it is expected that there will be snowfall above 1,200 / 1,400 meters of altitude, while the sea turmoil on the west coast will be aggravated by south-west waves reaching 4.5 meters and reach even 5 meters.

Against this background, Civil Protection warns of “the possibility of rapid flooding in urban areas, the possibility of flooding by transshipment of water lines in historically more vulnerable areas, damage to mounted or suspended structures, the possibility of falling branches or trees and possible coastal shoreline accidents “. The possibility of landslide” associated with soil saturation due to the loss of its consistency “should not be ruled out.

In view of the above, Civil Protection recommends to the population to “clear the rainwater drainage systems and remove aggregates and other objects that may be dragged or obstruct the free flow of water”, which “does not cross flooded areas, so as to prevent people or vehicles from getting into open pit or sewage boxes “and to place snow chains on the vehicles in the affected areas.

People are also asked to avoid walks along the coast and not to engage in sea-related activities, including sport fishing.

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