Opening of the exhibition “O Mar É a Nossa Terra”

Centro Cultural de Belém

Opening of the exhibition “The Sea is Our Earth” at the Forum d’Urbanisme et d’Architecture, inscribed in the 2021 edition of UFO, Objectif Vidéo Nice

Curators André Tavares and Miguel Figueira
Exhibition co-produced by Garagem Sul / Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisbon) and Lab2PT, Landscape, Heritage and Territory Laboratory – University of Minho (Braga/Guimarães)

From November 19, 2021 to February 17, 2022 in Nice, France

“The Sea is Our Land” is an exhibition of seventeen films through which the Urbanism and Architecture Forum of the city of Nice seeks to explore the capacity of video and cinema to question the crossroads of architecture.

It is about questioning how this knowledge can contribute to a new culture of transformation in the world, proposing to invert the usual ways of looking at our territories.

The location of Nice, on the shores of the Mediterranean, invites you to explore the different characteristics of the coastline, where, along a simple line, vast expanses of land and water are confronted with ecosystems in full turmoil.

The postulate of this exhibition, conceived in Lisbon and bathed by the Atlantic winds, is that, at a time of questioning the ways and strategies of interaction between man and the dynamics of nature, the inversion of the gaze between sea and land is fundamental. What would happen if, instead of looking at the horizon always in the same direction, we tried to think of the land from the sea? What would we learn in terms of resources for creation if we committed to a reconsidered complexity of the relationships between the forces of nature and human activities along the coastline?

The exhibition expresses its purpose on screens through images as mobile and fluid as the sea itself, where, thanks to drones, geographic poetry dialogues with the sports documentary in the heart of the waves and the realistic cinema of the 60s. universal reference for thinking about the world.

This exhibition was co-produced by CCB – Garagem Sul and by Lab2PT, Laboratory of Landscapes, Heritage and Territory – University of Minho (Braga/Guimarães) and was exhibited at the CCB between March 2020 and January 2021.

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