Inclusive Dance: “O Aqui” at CC Malaposta

Every day for a person with functional diversity, it is a day to remember the achievements made for the inclusion of all citizens, but essentially to remember the long way to go. The Malaposta Cultural Center integrates a disabled element in its core team and proposes for this month a show and inclusive dance workshop: “O Aqui”, on December 21st and 22nd.

We are part of the future and the future begins today. By inclusion, by people.

Over the 10 years of its creation, how has the show “O Aqui” changed?

Ten years after the first interaction of this concept, with some dancers revisiting this time of “O Aqui” and others joining the challenge, we can even say that “O Aqui” is a spectacle of a decade.
The time that has passed may even be relativized and numerically constructed, but there is an emotional burden on those who have seen a collective body made up of complicity, overcoming obstacles, overcoming boundaries, glorious surprises and a continuing humanist celebration.

‘(S)CiM’, this is the word that is worth spelling with S and C, as it embraces various concepts, gestures and energies. Surely the statement YES is HERE, and we are with the CiM Company that has gone through ten years, counted by many people with whom we worked and to whom we owe a deep thanks.
“O Aqui” is arguably a piece of a lifetime. Though other projects, other spectacles, and points of view will emerge, this will be the piece that has awakened us to a demanding compromise of cross-language – and has brought us to particular territories of bodies, faces, memories, distances, shadows, differences, and approaches. between two worlds, one of time and one of space, merging into one.

“O Aqui” starts from the challenge that there are many interlocking mazes in our lives. We are looking for the place and the device to work on various dimensions of reality, in a constant discovery that transcends the process of creation. “O Aqui” must be a constant discovery. In transformations we look for the principle and the form for each one to build his own story. A pure and extreme creation, full of tensions and antagonistic movements that can generate a vision where the vanishing point lies beyond the observer.

“O Aqui” seeks an absolute humanism that situates the issues in an engaging and fragmented narrative, reflects an intimacy and involves the journey of the play itself, enhancing access to emptiness and space that is conquered with speed and the loss of references. Here instincts and senses are celebrated in a sweet and sometimes cruel vertigo that turns the stage into an arena of glances.

“O Aqui” seeks to short-circuit modulations and enactments that society produces around (d)efficiencies, paving the way for luminous surfaces where time leads to infinity the relationship between the spontaneity of reality and the construction of a new one. “O Aqui” is a piece of encounters that anticipates our gaze in a timeless ritual.

DANCE | “O Aqui”
by CiM – Dance Company
DEC 21 and 22
Discount Fnac Card: When buying 1 adult ticket, the child ticket will be 2 €
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