IncrEDIBLE edible spoons taste like pepper or chocolate

IncrEDIBLE, the spoon is made with grains. The basic ingredients are wheat, oats, corn, chickpeas, and barley, but depending on the flavor, others are added: cocoa, salt, mint, or pepper, for example.

There are several varieties of flavor, between sweet and salty. Vanilla, chocolate, black pepper and even a mixture of ground spices (Garam masala). The company is also studying the possibility of including cinnamon flavor.

Because they cost more than a simple plastic spoon, Indian businessmen Dinesh Tadepalli and Kruvil Patel want to increase the factory’s capacity to produce half a million edible spoons a day.

This objective will reduce the cost of production and make the product more economically competitive. Currently, spoon boxes are sold to stores in the United States and Canada. But, according to the manufacturer, it will soon be possible to find them on Amazon.

To reduce its carbon emissions, Planeteer, owner of IncrEDIBLE, plants 250 trees for every 100,000 edible spoons manufactured. So far, more than three thousand trees have been planted.


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