Indie Campers launches new model of camper more spacious and comfortable

Atlas is the name of the high-end model of the Portuguese brand that will be available to indie campers in 11 European cities.

Indie Campers, one of the largest campervan companies in Europe made in Portugal, announces the launch of the Atlas model, the camper for Prime segments that will be available in some countries on the European continent.

From June onwards, indie campers who are preparing adventure trips starting from cities such as Dublin, Glasgow, Hamburg, Berlin, Milan, among others, can select the Atlas camper, which is distinguished from the other models by being more spacious and comfortable.

With seats for four people, the Atlas has two convertible beds, bathroom with shower, cleaning kit, bed kit, 145L refrigerator, stove fixed in the interior, among other features that make this motorhome the top model of the Indie Campers.

The 100-unit fleet provided by Indie Campers results from the € 70 million contract recently entered into with Knaus Tabbert, the world’s second largest camper manufacturer. Knaus Tabbert offers flexible solutions with models specifically designed for the needs of the Indie Campers network.


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