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ESports and video game streaming industry will be worth €3 billion in 2025

The eSports and streaming industry (creation of live video content) for video games may grow 70% by 2025, increasing its value from 2.1 billion dollars (1.7 billion euros) to 3.5 thousand million dollars (3 billion euros).

The estimate is from the study “eSports & Games Streaming: Emerging Opportunities & Market Forecasts 2021-2025”, prepared by Juniper Research. The pandemic has boosted the industry, since millions of people around the world spent more time at home, of the confinements caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Jupiter Research study predicts that the market value will be driven by spending on subscriptions and advertising on streaming platforms. However, the study also reveals that there will have to be an additional concern to continue investing in other areas with greater earning potential, such as television rights and ticket sales for live events, as well as establishing sponsorship agreements for high value to maximize the market value of eSports in the future.

By 2025, the study predicts that there will be more than 1 billion viewers of eSports and video games, surpassing the current 800 million, which would be equivalent to one in nine people in the global population. Although the estimate is that 50% of these viewers are from the Asia-Pacific region.

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