Ineffectiveness of the Portuguese futsal team results in defeat against Spain

The Portuguese futsal team started badly the new season with a 2-1 home defeat by Spain in the first of two private matches marked by Jorge Braz’s attacking defensive play.

In a crowded Matosinhos Sports and Congress Center, the fixed João Matos put the European champions in the lead after two minutes, but the formation led by Fede Vidal, second in the world ranking, reversed the score with a clear shot in each he leaves, through Aicardo, at five, and Adolfo Fernández, at 29.

Portugal, who made the 22nd defeat in 28 duels with Spain, will host Roja on Tuesday in the run-up to Lithuania’s FIFA World Cup qualifying session, where the ‘corners’ will face Latvia, Germany and the Czech Republic in Group 8 of the European zone in Viseu from 22 to 27 October.

For the reissue of the final of the last European Championship (Portuguese victory 3-2, after extra time), coach Jorge Braz bet on an initial ‘five’ composed by Vitor Hugo, Pedro Cary, João Matos, Ricardinho and Bruno Coelho.

The Iberian duel had a frantic start, with Portugal opening the scoring in the second minute, by João Matos, after individual work by captain Ricardinho.

The European champions threatened the second goal shortly thereafter in an attempt by Fábio Cecílio saved by goalkeeper Juanjo, but would concede the equalizer after five minutes, in a free-kick by Aicardo and deflected by Juan Emílio, who fooled the Portuguese barrier. the guardian Victor Hugo.

The match continued in a balancing act, albeit with a slight Portuguese superiority, which based its offensive actions in a fluid and aggressive game in reaction to the loss, with Nílson throwing in side (08) and Bruno Coelho deflecting his heel in defense of Juanjo.

In the second half, Jorge Braz and Fede Vidal changed goalkeepers and the pace of the game gradually slowed down, despite the stronger Portuguese attack: João Matos failed in the face of Jesús Herrero (22), four minutes before the newcomer Inter Movistar goalkeeper cheer up the hosts with a double-shot defense from André Coelho and Tiago Brito.

Portugal paid dearly for the ineffectiveness at the age of 29, when Adolfo Fernández concluded with a cross-shot a quick counterattack initiated at the hands of Herrero and developed by Carlos Ortiz, turning things around.

The ‘corners’ responded with new opportunities missed against Jesús Herrero, this time by Pedro Cary, who tried to brighten his 125th cap with a goal (31), and Spaniard Marc Tolrà, who was close to scoring himself. .

The ‘roja’ responded with a direct free-kick from Raúl Campos, who shook André Sousa’s right post (35), and Jorge Braz risked five to four in the last three minutes, putting Cary as goalkeeper, but not got the draw.

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