Inês de Vasconcellos presents her 2nd single “Estou Bem”

Inês de Vasconcellos unveil today, April 12, the 2nd single “Estou Bem“, from their debut album “Amplexo

The second single from Inês de Vasconcellos‘ debut album is distinct from the first. Where “Fado das Amarguras” was introspection, nostalgia and withdrawal, “Estou Bem” is outgoing, cheerful, and relaxed; without a video clip, we went from the magnificent landscapes of the island of São Miguel, in the Azores, to the confinement of an apartment in Lisbon. It is in spite of this apparent “enclosure” that Capicua’s verses tell us that we can always get something positive out of what life offers us, even if administered alone at home.

The music is the result of a partnership between a singer/author/composer from Porto and Ricardo Cruz, bassist and producer of “Amplexo”, a multifaceted and surprising album. “Estou Bem” proves Inés de Vasconcellos‘ interpretative versatility and also her ease in front of the Chambers, once again directed by the talented and creative Rita Seixas.

The album “Amplexo”, by Inês de Vasconcellos, is an edition of the Museu do Fado Discos. The launch is scheduled for May 21st.

Production: OffBeat Creative Studio
Director / Cinematography / Editing: Rita Seixas
Assistant Director / Art: Mimi Mourato
Styling / Art: Tiago Parada
Make-up and hair: Cati Beauty

Lyrics: Capicua | Music: Capicua and Ricardo Cruz
Portuguese guitar: Luís Guerreiro
Viola: Bernardo Viana
Bass: Ricardo Cruz
Produced by Ricardo Cruz
Recorded at Casa Agrícola da Levada and at Pé de Vento Studios
Mixed and mastered by Fernando Nunes

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