Inês de Vasconcellos publishes her first album on May 21st

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Inês de Vasconcellos is one of the most recent promises of Fado and undoubtedly one of the most talented.

His powerful voice, with a markedly fado timbre, his impeccable tuning and interpretative skills have garnered him numerous accolades from various personalities from the middle of Fado and culture.

“Amplexo” his first album is produced by Ricardo Cruz (responsible for the production of dozens of highly successful albums in the careers of António Zambujo, Ana Moura or Cristina Branco) and edited by Museu do Fado Discos, this CD has 11 original themes of an unusual lyrical and musical wealth. In “Amplexo”, Inês de Vasconcellos gives voice to the words of authors such as Vasco Graça Moura, Maria do Rosário Pedreira, Capicua or Fernando Pinto do Amaral (among others) and compositions by masters such as Mário Pacheco, Tiago Machado, Ricardo Cruz or Edu Mundo . In addition to these, the disc also has the collaboration of compelling authors such as Rogério Charraz, Valter Rolo or Flávio Gil. It should also be noted that Inês de Vasconcellos herself signs the lyrics for “Olhar” and the music for “Fado do despair”.

Accompanying Inês in this adventure are four excellent performers: Luís Guerreiro on Portuguese Guitar, Bernardo Viana and Luís Pontes on violas and Ricardo Cruz on Bass. The recordings – which took place at Casa da Levada, in Vila Real and at Pé de Vento Studios -, mixing and mastering were in charge of Fernando Nunes.

It would have been a risky bet that a debut album should consist only of original themes, but Inês is also a restless, curious performer and an artist “out of the box”. As the name implies, “Amplexo” is an embrace that embraces the universe of Fado in its various shades, but where the various influences that Inês received throughout her musical journey can also fit.

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