Inês de Vasconcellos publishes single/Video “Amplexo” on May 17th

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The time has come to reveal the theme that gives name to Inês de Vasconcellos’ debut album. “Amplexo” is much more than a song: it is a hymn, a cry, an alert, a call to attention to an always current and incomprehensibly controversial theme, homophobia.

We said that in this album, Inês de Vasconcellos would surprise, break taboos and prejudices. This beautiful theme by Edu Mundo shows that, in this debut album, more than a set of Fados and songs, there is a strong message, an artistic but also personal statement by an amazing singer.

But this “Amplexo” – launched on purpose on this International Day against Homophobia – speaks, above all and fundamentally, of love. A love without barriers and without “abnormal norms”.

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