Injection capable of stopping Alzheimer’s may be available in 10 years

Scientists believe that the injection will be able to isolate and lock down the harmful proteins that accumulate in the human brain and that lead to the onset of degenerative disease.

Injection with the potential to halt the onset of Alzheimer’s disease may be available in the market within a decade, says the Alzheimer’s Society (UK charity dedicated to the study of dementia).

Dr James Pickett, the chief investigator at that organization, told The Telegraph that recent revolutionary breakthroughs have led scientists to a “turning point.

Adding: “Right now we are starting to get together several pieces of the puzzle, which are finally making sense. We have all this knowledge about genetics, just as cancer disease researchers had 30 years ago, and we are now investing in their knowledge and exploration.

The injection would isolate and annihilate the damaging proteins that build up in the brain.

The statements come after conducting scientific “revolutionary” trials that involved the isolation of said proteins in children suffering from a rare condition in the spine.

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