companiesportugaltech wants to help to honor those who have past

In this new virtual memorial, there is a space available to share memories, stories, photos and other digital content that remind us of family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances who were dear to us.

According to its creators, is designed to be very easy to use, requiring no computer knowledge. has two types of use, the Base plan, free and with a limited set of features, and Premium, with monthly, annual or single and lifetime payment plans and a variety of options.

It is always possible to create an online memorial with photos, videos, background music, illustrated stories, but in the paid plan many of the features become unlimited, with the possibility of access control, personalized notifications or full integration with Facebook and Facebook. YouTube.

Whether in the free or paid version, it also has background themes, the personalized link, free writing of the epitaph and also privacy and customization options for notifications. You can also invite family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances to participate in the creation of the memorial.

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