Innovative experience adds art to dinner at Oh! Sorte

After the success for Brazilian lands, the actor Ronan Horta brings to Lisbon the multicultural event “Oh! Sorte em Movimento”, which will take place on October 22nd, starting at 6:00 pm at the Oh! Sorte. In this “Jantarte Experience”, it will be possible to watch a set of artistic shows, from cinema, poetry, visual arts and music, while having dinner.

The event, which now arrives in Portugal at the hands of the Brazilian actor, is inspired by the initiative “Tuesday in Movement” that was successful in Rio de Janeiro for 6 years. In Portugal, Oh! Sorte was the chosen place for this cultural exchange, which aims to promote art, culture and information, as well as the meeting of artists from different areas.

Throughout the night, where Ronan Horta will be the host, it will be possible to watch the film “Livre Para”, listen to a poetry recitation by Mariana Badan and guests, and listen to live music with Celso Rangel, Udi Fagundes, and DJ Caetano Nervozo. This initiative also includes an exhibition of visual arts by Luandino Carvalho and a display of graphic art by artist Jesso Alves. JR Tatoo will carry out a Live Tatoo and promote the drawing of a tattoo.

Chefs Ana Clara Corvino and José Scotini from Oh! Sorte will also have an important role in this cultural exchange, with a creative menu that includes thin and crunchy pizzas, Risottos, Pasta and other special options such as Lombo de Novilho, Cod and Salads.

Seats are limited so prior reservations must be made via email or 964782851. Located at Rua da Alegria, no. 20, in Lisbon, the restaurant Oh! Sorte guarantees all security measures and hygiene, both for customers and employees, attested by the “Clean & Safe” seal of Turismo de Portugal.

Ronan Horta has over 20 years of artistic career and has participated in major productions of successful TV Globo in Portugal, such as Malhação, Rede Record and in several films. The actor participates in the film “The Last Animals” by Leonel Vieira, whose debut is scheduled for 2021 on Netflix.

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