‘Insomnia’ at the Armando Cortez Theater on November 2

Custódio Reis, a wine and liqueur seller, who lives with ‘the rope around his neck’, is the character of the play “Insónia”, which opens on November 2 at the Armando Cortez Theater in Lisbon.

Fernando Mendes is the protagonist of the show whose action focuses on a middle-class Portuguese, drowned in debt and credits, and who, with the collapse of the marriage relationship, is on the verge of divorce.

Sonia, the woman, has exhausted her patience for a husband who is increasingly failing and aimless, and who has no life goals other than eating, drinking and sleeping, according to the description of the play.

Husband and absent father, not for lack of love but for energy, Custódio feels increasingly exhausted, heavy, and without patience since, having begun to work at age seventeen as a baker, he has never succeeded in life as he wished.

With the onset of the problems, there is a night when Custódio cannot sleep, and during insomnia, he questions his whole life and tries to find solutions to the problems that torment him.

We then witness a hilarious internal crisis through which, in real time, Custódio will pass, in an attempt to achieve the peace of mind necessary for him to get back to sleep.

Through the middle of this ‘insomnia’, there are television shows that Custódio sees, to see if it is called sleep, in which Fernando Mendes stars in very improbable moments with some of his friends and colleagues throughout his life.

Written and staged by Roberto Pereira, in 2019 the piece will be on tour, with shows scheduled for Solrir – Palace of Congresses of the Algarve, in Albufeira, on January 1, February 2 at the Cineteatro de Estarreja, on February 9 at Altice Forum Braga, on February 15 and 16 at the Théâtre Haut-de-Seine, Puteaux, in the Paris region, and on March 1 and 2, in the Mário Rodrigues Pereira auditorium, in the Lavra, in Matosinhos, Porto.

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