Instagram users promote Braga city

The past and the future of Braga will be shown to the world by 11 national and international instagramers, who add up to three million followers in the social network Instagram, in a meeting that aims to become “iconic on a global scale”.

In statements, Luis Otávio Costa, @kitato in that social network and part of the collective ‘Crafted’, organizer of the event Braga Timetravel, explained that between Friday and Sunday, Braga will be seen from the perspective of “the most influential” instagramers’ from the ‘four corners of the world’ (Germany, France, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil, Hong Kong and Russia).

The objective of the meeting, an action promoted by the Braga Municipal Council, the Commercial Association of Braga and the platform is to “show the double facet” of Minho’s capital, past and future.

“The group will visit some of the most well-known sites in the city, moments and emblematic buildings, but the goal is also to reveal some secrets, places that even Bra-caians do not know about,” said kitato.

The itinerary will obviously go through Bom Jesus, through the Sameiro Sanctuary, Tibães Monastery, a route linked to the entire past of the city, but includes sites such as Theatro Circo, Municipal Stadium or GNRation, examples of places where the future of the city will pass. ”

In addition to the screenplay, the three days include a “photographic moment,” #emptytheatrocirco, “which consists of photographing a space that opens doors only for a small group of creative photographers,” as well as visiting “unique places in the city and even outside circuit “as a bell and a candle factory.

Luís Octavio Costa stressed that this event will put Braga “in the eyes of a population that, perhaps, would otherwise never meet.”

Therefore, he revealed, “the goal is for this event to become iconic on a global scale.”

More than “guys who take funny pictures,” instagramers are “the new influencers, but they use the pure image, without great text or opinion, who show through their eyes what comes,” he said.

The three national members, who besides @kitato joins @ joao.bernardino and @_bornfreee, regard the event as a “mission” entrusted to them after the first event of the genre, the Insta Viana, in January.

“Insta Viana has already been great, but we want it to be even bigger and this certainty we already have the range of participants chosen for the event,” he said.

The three Portuguese will join @cesinha, @marcelonava (Brazil), @sezgiolgac (Turkey), @ rambler15 (Hong Kong), @smallcrazy (Malaysia), @thomas_k (Germany), @vutheara, @misscoolpics (France), and @stillsonmymind (Russia).

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