Instantâneos present “Amor” at Olga Cadaval Center

The show “Amor”, by the collective Instantâneos, goes on stage at the Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval on October 4th, at 9 pm.

This show is based on improvised dramaturgy and aims to explore the concept of the word love (“amor”) in a poetic and fun way. The presentation inspired by real stories from the audience takes the audience on a journey in which he himself is the protagonist of the narrative.

The four actors on stage create dreamlike stories, characters, and environments, always accompanied on the piano by melodies created on the spot.

The professional improvisation group, Instantâneos, was born in 2010 as a result of training in Improv Theater, taught by Professor Pablo Pundik, one of the founders of Liga de Improvisação Madrilena. The debut in 2011 of the show “Duelo Improvisado” was the first step in the consolidation of this theatrical project, which has sold out rooms wherever it goes.

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