Institute for Child Support celebrates 35 years with solidarity concert

The Institute for Child Support celebrates on Tuesday 35 years with a solidarity concert in the Park of Nations, in Lisbon, in which a dozen Portuguese artists participate.

At the same time, the International Day for the Rights of the Child is celebrated.

The Child Support Institute is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity, founded by Manuela Ramalho Eanes, to support children and families at risk.

‘Children We Are All Us’ is the name of the solidarity initiative that marks 35 years of activity.

Throughout its history, the institute has promoted information and awareness raising actions, as well as intervening directly in areas not covered by the State, through the SOS Child / Missing Child, Street Project, Documentation and Information Center on Children, among others.

“We all have to be faster, more dynamic and more effective, and no one can take responsibility for their obligations towards the child and their well-being,” the institution said in a statement, challenging civil society to unite around this goal.

The initiative that marks the 35 years includes a CD, with 10 original songs (“10 Artists – 10 Songs – Rights of the Child”), to launch also on Tuesday.

In the concert, at least 10 musicians from different generations and music genres should be on stage to involve civil society and raise funds to continue developing projects and guarantee “the sustainability of the organization,” according to the information released.

The musician João Só is the musical director of the project now announced, which has the support of several institutions, among them the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Rui Veloso, Miguel Araújo, Amor Electro, André Sardet, Olives, Carlos Alberto Moniz and The Black Mamba are among the artists who accepted the invitation to take the stage on Tuesday.

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