Institute of Douro and Port wines protected in the United Kingdom

Following the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (“Brexit”), the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto, I.P. (IVDP), on 4 March 2019, filed the registration application for “Douro”, “Porto” and “Port” as certification marks, with the UK Intellectual Property Office.

Registration was granted on August 10, 2020, for the “Douro” and “Port” certification marks, and on August 11, 2020 for the “Porto” certification mark, which are now protected in that important market export.

Gilberto Igrejas, President of the IVDP, said that until the occurrence of Brexit, these appellations of origin were protected in the United Kingdom under the European Regulation and the European geographical indications registration system (eAmbrosia). However, the uncertainty, which at this date still remains, regarding the protection of appellations of origin and geographical indications in that third country required preventive action on the part of IVDP, IP. Regardless of the outcome of the ongoing negotiations and in this regard, Porto, Port, and Douro are already protected in the United Kingdom.

The Douro and Porto Wines Institute, IP (IVDP) is a public institute, integrated in the indirect administration of the State, with the certification of the designations of origin Douro and Porto and geographical indication of Douro and, in the course of this capacity for which is nationally and internationally accredited, its control, protection and defense, as well as promotion, nationally and internationally.

The IVDP came about with the institutional organization adopted in 2003 in which the management of the Porto and Douro designations of origin and the Duriense geographical indication was attributed to a single public body, a public institute of an interprofessional nature.

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