Instituto Camões launches prize to distinguish Angolan literature

The Camões Institute, in partnership with the Portuguese business group dst, today launched in Lisbon an annual literary prize worth 15,000 euros to distinguish works of poetry and prose from Angolan writers.

The dstangola / Camões Literature Prize, publicly presented at the Camões-Instituto de Cooperação e da Língua, aims to distinguish annually and alternately works in poetry and prose from artists born in Angola, residents or not, with published works in the country or abroad, in the two previous years, since in Portuguese language, the president of the Domingos da Silva Teixeira (dst) group, José Gonçalves Teixeira, explained to journalists.

With a value of 15 thousand euros, the prize will have as a jury Professor Irene Guerra Marques, the writer José Agualusa and the journalist and director of the New Journal of Angola, Carlos Ferreira.

The first edition, whose award will be delivered on June 10 in Luanda, will distinguish works in poetry while in the next edition will be distinguished works in prose.

In the public presentation session, attended by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Teresa Ribeiro, and the president of the Camões Institute, Luís Faro Ramos, a protocol was also signed with that business group to support the library of the Cultural Center Portuguese in Luanda.

We bought a few hundred books [for the library], worth more than 12,500 euros and then, for three years, there will be a reinforcement of six thousand euros a year also in books,” said José Gonçalves Teixeira.

With this agreement, the dst group becomes the thirteenth company to join the initiative Promoting the Portuguese Language (EPLP), launched by the Camões Institute in 2017, which aims to link the efforts of internationalization of companies to the promotion of the language and culture.

The businessman, who among other investments in Angola was responsible for building the supermarket chain of Isabel dos Santos, stressed the importance of support is made through the delivery of books.

The companies live by a brand and the point of anchorage of our brand is culture. The determination in the book is because we consider that who reads is much more powerful“, pointed the president of dst, remembering the long course of the group in the support to the literature, theatre, music and dance in Portugal.

The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Teresa Ribeiro, underlined, in turn, the signal that is given by companies when joining the Camões initiative.

More important than financial support is the signal that civil society and companies are involved in the implementation of public policy. Companies recognize that the expansion of the Portuguese language and culture is important from the policy point of view, but are equally essential for the internationalization of companies and for their strong presence in both domestic and foreign markets, “he said.

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