Interactive facility that identifies islands wins Edigma Semibreve 2020 award

“Unknown Territories – Searching for Islands”, by German artists Merani Schilcher and Vinzenz Aubry, won this year’s edition of the Edigma Semibreve Award, an award that aims to reward and encourage digital artistic creation, paying special attention to artistic projects that use interactivity, to sound and image.

This interactive installation manages to identify, in real time, about 75 thousand islands on planet Earth, all from an intelligent recognition of the shape of the sand created by the user’s hands. The prize is part of the Semibreve Festival, dedicated to electronic music and sound art, and is already a festival of reference and essential both nationally and internationally.

EDIGMA, a leading company in the implementation of interactive and digital signage projects, creates experiences that combine the physical and digital world with creativity in mind as an agent of transformation. The company’s association with this award was born naturally, inherent to the organization’s identity values ​​and characteristics.

“We believe in culture and digital art as catalytic forces for changing perspectives and the birth of new imaginary that, ultimately, are driving the design of future realities”, underlines Miguel Oliveira, CEO and Co-Founder of the company.

EDIGMA, in the role of exclusive promoter of the prize, assumes the delivery of the monetary amount of 2500 € allocated to the winner plus travel expenses to exhibit his work. The winner will have the work displayed during the 2020 edition of the festival.

In its fifth edition, the EDIGMA SEMIBREVE Award already has winners such as Junya Oikawa (JP) – 2016, Adam Basanta (CA) & Gil Delindro (PT) – 2017, Elias Merino (ES) & Tadej Droljc (SI) – 2018, and Andreas Lutz (DE) – 2019.

More recently launched, EDIGMA Semibreve Scholar is aimed at the student community of higher education, aiming to stimulate artistic creation in the field of insertion between art and technology in the younger audience.

EDIGMA thus undertakes to continue to invest in 4 pillars that it considers essential in the development of better human experiences: art, culture, knowledge and technology.

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