International Museum Day with free activities in Lisbon

The International Museum Day will be marked in Lisbon with free admission to these municipal facilities, for which the local authority has organized various activities, proposing a reflection on its role as cultural centers and the future of tradition.

According to the Company for Equipment Management and Cultural Animation (EGEAC), a specific program was created for the days between 15 and 19 May, free admission, which includes a visit to the Aljube Museum and the exhibition ‘ The Portuguese prison photo project ‘, with images captured by the Portuguese photographer Luís Barbosa and the Swiss Peter Schulthess.

Through this photographic exhibition, inaugurated on Friday, the Aljube Museum – Resistance and Freedom – which housed, from 1928 to 1965, a political prison of the Estado Novo regime – gives the public a view of contemporary prisons and historical photographs of Portugal, through current photographs complemented with historical images belonging to the national archives.

The Bordalo Pinheiro Museum invites children, young people and adults to take a guided tour of ‘Lisboa de Bordalo’, to visit a fair of illustration books and comic strips in the museum courtyard, to be caricatured and pay with a laugh, to watch to reading sessions or to the projection of small films on ceramics.

The Puppet Museum has to offer the concert ‘Em Particular’, by Carlão, the show ‘4 hands’, for piano and drawing with Filipe Raposo and António Jorge Gonçalves, and a puppet theater entitled ‘O Giant turnip’.

At the Fado Museum, students from the institution’s school will surprise visitors along the circuit with the musical performance ‘Acordem as guitras’, and at Atelier-Museu Júlio Pomar there will be guided tour of the exhibition and discounts of 50% in all publications.

Taking on the theme ‘Museums as cultural centers: the future of tradition’, the Lisbon Museum decided, in the various nuclei, to connect with the arts and orientate itself to the various communities of the city, between the days 16 and 19.

Thus, in the Museum of St. Anthony there will be a session of fados, followed by a walk through Alfama, to discover the places linked to the life of the patron saint of Lisbon.

In the same museum will be held throughout the weekend a fair dedicated to articles related to Santo António, a game under the theme ‘The conquest of Lisbon’ and a journey through the tiles of Santo António in Alfama.

For Torreão Poente, a visit-workshop was prepared for children and adults, whose theme is “architecture is an art.

The Pimenta Palace will hold the ‘Glória de Lisboa’ game permanently for the families to play, will have a visit oriented to the permanent exhibition and another to the Italian art, a concert of Luiz Caracol, and an initiative related to the Monstra, which includes an animation workshop and cinema.

At the Teatro Romano, the “dominoes of the Roman theater” takes place throughout the weekend. In parallel, there will be an experience visit for the public of all ages related to the Roman professions, namely, Roman craftsmen.

“Dance like it was 2,000 years ago” is the proposal of a dance workshop for various ages, still in the Roman Theater, which also has to offer the public a guided tour to discover “a Roman theater at the end of the day” and a visit experience to the art of theater, titled “See and be seen”.

Connecting all these nuclei will take place, on the 18th at 4:00 p.m., a ‘peddy-paper’ from the Lisbon Museum, departing from the Roman Theater.

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