International Theater Circuit without foreign companies

The 5th edition of the International Theater Circuit (CIT), held in two stages, the first, from July 3 to September 15, in the African League, in Luanda, foresees the participation of only national groups, due to the current Coronavirus pandemic.

The festival, with the motto “Angola 45 years with theater in the promotion of a culture of peace”, counts, so far, with the participation of the groups Ombaka and 5 de Junho, from Benguela, and Olombangui, from Bié.

In addition, the groups Luanda Feloma, Ndokweno Artes, Mirages, Xabada Uiza, Molongi ya Mbote, Enigma Teatro, Nelca Teatro, Nova Cena, Kamba Artes, Conjuntura d’Artes, Imbondeiro, Etu-Ngo, Kipapumunu, Njila Teatro, Genesis, Twabixila, Bando Justiça e Artes and also the Atuacam Project – Católica and Pitabel.

For this edition, the organization invited the groups Etu Lene, Elinga Teatro, Julu, Oásis and Horizonte Njinga Mbande, all from Luanda, not to compete, but for their contribution to the dramatic arts.

The selection of international groups depends on the evolution and consequences of Covid-19 in the world. The selection process will be carried out by the festival curator and director of the Portuguese theater group Folha de Medronho, João de Melo Alvim.

Folha de Medronho, Loulé Performing Arts Association

Contrary to previous editions, this year, the director of CIT, Adérito Rodrigues, intends to hold the International Theater Week, from 3 to 13 September, with the participation of international groups that may come to Angola.

Adérito Rodrigues also informed that the organization has prepared an alternative, more comprehensive plan, which will allow groups to create plays based on the consequences of Covid-19 in their respective communities.

The intention is to ‘drag’ the festival until November, in order to coincide with the Dipanda party”, he said. Adérito Rodrigues avoided talking about a premature cancellation of the festival, due also to the commitments made with the sponsors, “We are attentive to information about the pandemic, we believe that the situation has already been overcome by then“.

The Angolan groups, already chosen, he said, will participate in the production of theater shows with themes linked to the motto “Angola 45 years”.

Adérito Rodrigues, CIT
source: Jornal de Angola
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