Introducing Bob Marley: The new Hemp Beer made in Portugal

Nortada will launch Bob Barley, the first cannabis flavored beer – Cannabis Sativa L – produced in Portugal. The release of this special edition will take place at Fábrica Nortada next Saturday, February 23, and will be accompanied by a concert by Soul Rebel, a Bob Marley tribute band.

This edition, in addition to the four raw materials base (water, malt, hops and yeast), was flavored with hemp flowers, a plant of the hops family. The result is a beer with distinct flavor and aroma, from which the herbal notes are enhanced. Like other Beers from Nortada, Bob Barley is neither filtered nor pasteurized, so you can keep both flavor and aroma intact.

Bob Barley, as a result of an obvious relationship with Jamaican culture, intends to reflect and reaffirm the fun, informal and young spirit of the brand and this beer, which will initially only be available at Fábrica Nortada, a total of two thousand liters (THC <0.2, 5% alcohol content and IBU 20).

In addition to the classics of the brand, these special editions like Bob Barley are a product of the work and research of a production team guided by Mestre Cervejeira Diana Canas, the first Portuguese with the formation of the German school VLB.

Pedro Mota, CEO of Cerveja Nortada commented: “At Nortada, we always try to innovate and challenge ourselves and consumers to try something different. That’s why we decided to make a beer with hemp (Cannabis Sativa L), to create a beer with a scent and bold flavor. It is with great pleasure that we announce this new style that will be available exclusively in our space, and in specialized points of sale”.

“To celebrate, let’s throw the beer at a festive event that culminates in a free concert by a Bob Marley tribute band, so we invite everyone to come to our Factory, on Rua Sá da Bandeira, on February 23, so they can sample and toast with this limited edition before it runs out”, he adds.

“The brand also takes advantage of this launch to announce that it will now have a 10% discount for all university students at Fábrica Nortada, in all our beer varieties”.

Fábrica Nortada employs more than 50 people, in the heart of the city of Porto. In addition to being a production unit, the factory bets on a brewpub concept, and has the doors open so that customers can freely follow the beer production, while they taste all styles and accompany with food thought to be the perfect match. In addition, it is a space with a dynamic of regular events, with free entrance, so that people can live a good experience while enjoying the craft beer.

Nortada beer is present throughout the country, with more than 500 points of sale on the Horeca channel and in the largest groups of hypermarkets. In 2018, it doubled both revenue and number of outlets compared to 2017. By 2019 it plans to invest in new fermentation tanks, expanding its annual production capacity to 2 million liters.

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