Research from the University of Coimbra serves as inspiration for the exhibition of a visual artist

Research carried out at the Center for Functional Ecology – Science for People & the Planet (CFE) of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra (FCTUC) served as the basis for the exhibition “Crossing the Matter of Time” by artist Marcelo Moscheta, student of Contemporary Art at the College of Arts of the University of Coimbra.

The exhibition, inspired by the study of tree rings, is part of the 3rd edition of the Bienal Fotografia do Porto and can be visited from tomorrow, May 18th, until July 7th, in the city of Porto.

This exhibition «takes advantage of the raw state of laboratory images, reinterprets them, reconfigures them and adds layers of different materials, in an analogy to the system of transformation of the cells that sustain the tree and, therefore, life», describes the visual artist.

The result of the artistic residency, hosted in recent months by CFE’s MedDendro Lab, integrates one of the four exhibition centers of the Biennial, the “Sustentar” group, which promotes collaboration and exchange of knowledge between artists and scientists, social and cultural agents, municipalities and companies, to create new imaginaries that can contribute to the promotion of the regenerative development of cities.

Bienal Fotografia, organized and produced by Ci.CLO Plataforma de Fotografia and funded by the Porto City Council and the Directorate-General for Arts features 70 artists and 14 curators from 27 countries and transforms 14 venues in Porto into dynamic and creative spaces with 123 “visit.actions” that inspire audiences to participate in Acts of Artistic Empathy.

The CFE is one of the strategic partners, with the center’s coordinator, Helena Freitas, and researchers Cristina Nabais and Miguel Ferreira as guest experts.


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