IPS invites professor David Rodrigues for a reflection on “Inclusion in Higher Education”

The Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS) promotes next Thursday, June 17th, the webinar “Inclusion in Higher Education: facilitatism or quality?”, which will have as speaker the specialist in Inclusive Education, teacher David Rodrigues.

The initiative, starting at 5 pm, is aimed at all those interested in the subject and is part of the process of defining an Inclusion Policy that is taking place at the institution, under the responsibility of a working group created for this purpose.

Aware of the process of inclusion of students with Special Needs who enter its courses and based on the principle that education is everyone’s right, the IPS intends to create the necessary conditions to promote academic success, ensuring an inclusive space for learning, where everyone individual differences and difficulties are considered.

In this context, the IPS seeks to establish essential references that help guide the performance of members of the academic community, in order to ensure the full inclusion of students, in its different aspects, ensuring quality education, promoting integration in the labor market and human development in an integral way.

To help with this reflection, IPS invited Professor David Rodrigues, the National Councilor on Education since 2015 and awarded the Gold Medal of Human Rights in 2020 by the Assembly of the Republic.

Emeritus professor at the University of Lisbon, David Rodrigues has also lectured as a guest in several Portuguese and foreign universities, namely in Belgium, Brazil and China, being a lecturer and author of 32 books on the subject.

He is also the founder of the NGO Pro-Inclusion and director of the “Educação Inclusive” magazine, having received, in 2017, the International Leadership Excellence Award, awarded by the Council for Exceptional Children, in the United States.

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