IPS joins the José Neves Foundation to support access to training

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The Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS) is one of the more than 30 partner educational institutions of the José Neves Foundation (FJN), within the scope of the Income Share Agreement FJN (ISA FJN) program, which intends to make it possible for anyone to continue their studies. prevented from doing so for lack of financial resources.

The partnership, established through a protocol, provides IPS students with access to a pioneering program at national level, which aims to support access to training and the acquisition of skills through the attribution of scholarships corresponding to the tuition fee. “Study first. Paid when you start working” is the premise of the ISA FJN program, which means that the amount of the scholarship awarded is refundable, and must be repaid to FJN when the student is already in the labor market and earns a salary above a certain value.

After verifying that the course to be attended is eligible, the interested student must apply at If the application meets the requirements to be approved, FJN will pay the course fee directly to the educational institution.

In the case of the IPS, a total of 12 courses were considered eligible for support, including the Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain, Information Systems Management, Software Engineering and Safety and Hygiene at Work.

The remaining eight are professional higher technical courses (CTeSP) and cover the following areas: Logistics (after-work regime – ETLA); Automation, Robotics and Industrial Control; Development of Video Games and Multimedia Applications; Web programming; Mobile Devices and Applications; Intelligent Electric Networks and Home Automation; Computer Networks and Systems; Electronic and Computer Systems; and Technologies and Information Systems Programming.

It should be remembered that students in the normal cycle of education and professionals who are already in the labor market – even if they are unemployed – but who want to invest in the development of their skills, can benefit from the ISA FJN.

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