IPS launches masters in advanced practice of physiotherapy in neurology

Physiotherapists working in the area of ​​neurological conditions already have advanced training at the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS), which will allow them to deepen knowledge and strengthen skills.

With open applications for 20 vacancies until July 15 (1st stage), the new Master’s degree in advanced practice of physiotherapy in neurology will be taught in the Higher Health School (ESS / IPS), already from the next school year, with the duration of three semesters (90 ECTS).

Accredited in May by the evaluation and accreditation agency of higher education (A3ES), the latest formative offer of IPS in the health area is distinguished by providing a mixed teaching-learning model, combining online and face-to-face methodologies, and a profile of Individualized exit, which means flexibility and possibility of choice between different learning paths by students.

In this way, taking into account its context of professional practice and respective motivations and needs, each student may choose to develop a research project or a continuous improvement project for the quality of services rendered.

The study program was defined so that, over the first year, masters have contact with users (real or simulated) in the curricular units (UC) of advanced practice in neurological physiotherapy I and II, and the integration of knowledge is promoted and clinical skills developed from other UC. The course promotes simulated and situated learning with discussion and analysis of its transfer to different practice contexts.

Between the powers that will be strengthened over the frequency of the new course, the ability to reason advanced, the ability to develop and implement individualized intervention plans, and to draw, plan and conduct research/quality improvement projects response to complex problems, as well as self-reflection critical about professional practice.

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