Irina Rodrigues wins bronze in the European Cup

The Portuguese launcher Irina Rodrigues today won the bronze medal in the launch of the disc, in the European Cup of launches, held in Samorin, Slovakia.

After Francisco Belo’s gold medal in the first round, it was now the turn of Irina Rodrigues to win her seventh medal in this competition, as it was the second in 2018, third in 2015 and has four medals in the sub23 level.

Irina Rodrigues, of Sporting, released the disc to 58.05 meters, being surpassed by the Germans Shanice Craft (59,79) and Nadine Muller (59,74). In the ninth place was the other Portuguese, Liliana Cá, of Novas Luzes, with 54.35.

In the remaining races, Francislaine Serra of Sporting got a personal record of 16.36 meters, which left her in third place in group B, being 11.ª of the general, while Eliana Bandeira, of Benfica, did not achieve a valid single release.

At the launch of the men’s hammer, Benfica’s Antonio Vital e Silva threw 67.47 meters, being eighth in Group B (23rd overall) and Sporting’s Miguel Carreira, who threw at least two centimetres (67.45), is ninth in the group (24th overall).

In the sub23, in men, Otoniel Badjana of Benfica, put the weight to 15.27 meters, being 15th of the classification. In women, Cláudia Ferreira, of Sporting, was 13th in the launch of the dart, with the mark of 48,83.

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