Irma debuts today her new single “A Qualquer Hora”

In addition to signing the lyrics to “A Anytime”, IRMA shares the authorship of the song with Pity, the arrangements with Pity and Tatanka and the making of the video with Fiumani.

Within a month of editing “Primavera”, her debut album, IRMA reveals “A Uma Hora”, the third single, which succeeds “Da mesma pele” and “Monami”, and accelerates the rise of a complete artist who, despite having first affirmed herself with the general public as an actress, she has the oldest expression of her talent in singing and composition, which she revealed as a child and which she now embraces in parallel to the performance.

IRMA was born in Lisbon but its identity reflects a strong influence of Angolan culture, or Angola was not the country of origin of the grandparents with whom she grew up.

At the age of 12, she inherited a guitar from his mother, which she never stopped exploring while venturing into songwriting, first in his room and little by little with the door open to the world. Graduated in Performing Arts, because she has always believed that music, theater, and dance complement each other.

She has several roles as a fictional actress broadcast on various national channels and has been part of the cast of several musicals: “Entre o céu e a terra”, “A bela e o mostro”, “Terra dos sonhos”, “Eusébio, um hino do futebol” and “ZOO”.

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