IRMA and Tiago Nacarato together in an unprecedented partnership release single “Vejo-te Aqui”

“Vejo-te Aqui”, a song that joins IRMA and Tiago Nacarato in an unprecedented partnership, is now available on all digital platforms.

IRMA composed “Vejo-te Aqui” after reading a letter exchanged between two lovers who were separated. Considering she needed a collaboration to better recreate the emotion of the distance between two hearts in love, she invited Tiago Nacarato and the song was reborn in two voices. “Vejo-te Aqui” is the mirror of love in times of pandemic.

Working together for the first time, IRMA and Nacarato take us by the hand in a dance, which is both a swirl of longing and a gentle swing that sweetens the absence: «How many days are to come?/ How many sleepless nights? / I write, read, watch movies, bake cakes and feel you are here (…)».

The two artists are confirmed in the poster of Lusco-Fusco, concert cycle that takes place at dusk on the Capitólio terrace, in Lisbon, between June 26th and July 25th. Tiago Nacarato performs on the 4th of July and IRMA on the 18th.

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