Irma with “Primavera” at Capitólio

[dropcap]In[/dropcap] October, Irma released her debut album entitled “Primavera” and, last Friday, November 27, it was the day on which the artist presented this magnificent project at the Cineteatro Capitólio, in Lisbon.

Irma, graduated in Performing Arts and known for the various roles she played as an actress on various national channels and musicals like “Entre o céu e a terra”, “A bela e o monstro, “Terra dos sonhos”, “Eusébio, um hino do futebol” and “ZOO”, recently debuted in her own name with her first album “Primavera”. She was born in Lisbon but her identity reflects a strong influence of Angolan culture as Angola was the country of origin of her grandparents, with whom she grew up. At the age of 12, she inherited a guitar from her mother, which she never stopped exploring while venturing into songwriting.

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“This PRIMAVERA comes to renew. Renew vows with the commitment that I have with my dreams. This PRIMAVERA comes to speak from the heart, comes to remember that any time, anywhere, we are of the same skin. Ask not to leave and wait for the Lavender that is going to bloom. He hopes that you believe that children can save the world. Kiss him and then ask to leave without fear of longing. Longing has this, you don’t need to remember because you will never forget”, says Irma about the album.

Accompanied by Pity, bassist and a great accomplice of this project with Irma, Gui Salgueiro on the keyboards, Francisco Sales on the guitar, and André Silva on the percussion, Irma took the stage of Cineteatro Capitólio for the presentation of this long-awaited album.

We heard songs like “Monami“, the single “A Qualquer Hora“, “Alfazema“, his first song “Coração”, “Sai Só”, “Beija-Me A Boca”, “Da mesma pele”, and their versions of the songs “O Corpo é Que Paga by António Variações and “Fado Xuxu” by the fado singer Amália Rodrigues.


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