Isabela Figueiredo nominated for the Foreign Women Award

The Portuguese writer Isabela Figueiredo is nominated for the Femina Estrangeiro Award, one of the most important French literary awards, for the book ‘Caderno de Memórias Coloniais‘.

The French edition is titled ‘Carnet de mémoires coloniales‘ and was translated by Myriam Benarroch and Nathalie Meyroune.

The book addresses Portugal’s colonial past and the author’s vision of her father, a Portuguese electrician based in Mozambique, who despises and exploits the natives.

Other nominees for the Foreign Women Award are Ahmet Altan for ‘Madame Hayat‘, Najwa Barakat for ‘Monsieur N.‘, Jan Carson for ‘Les lanceurs de feu‘, Claudia Durastanti for ‘L’étrangère‘, Lucy Fricke , with ‘Les occasions manquées‘, Nino Haratischwili, with ‘Le chat‘ and Mona Hovring, for ‘Parce que Vénus a frôlé un cyclamen le jour de ma naissance’.

Rounding out the list are Robert Jones Jr. and his ‘Les prophètes‘, Daniel Loedel, with ‘Hadès, argentine‘, Ariel Magnus, for the novel ‘Eichmann à Buenos Aires‘, Joyce Maynard, with ‘Où vivaient les gens heureux‘, Leonardo Padura with ‘Poussière dans le vent‘, Natasha Trethewey with ‘Memorial drive: mémoires d’une file‘, Nina Wähä with the book ‘Au nom des miens’, and Philipp Weiss with ‘Le grand riso des hommes assis au bord du monde’.

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