Isac’s new single available on digital platforms

Isac discovered his passion for music at the age of 12, when he started his musical career singing Fado. He started on the guitar at the age of 15. Soon he felt like writing his own songs. Adolescent and irreverent, he quickly let himself be influenced by rock and pop-rock.

He formed his first garage band at the age of 16 and the desire to take the stage never left him. He was guitarist for ONE (2004-2006), vocalist for BetterShell (2006-2011) and METTA (2012-2016). With BetterShell, he won several awards nationwide, highlighting the Superbock Super Rock preload in 2009 and participated in the RTP Song Festival in 2011.

After a long break, he presents himself with the solo project: Isac. IMPREVISTO is Isac’s single. It’s here to put a smile on your face!

With a pop rhythm and a fresh and up-to-date sound, the music makes us travel through a very fun love story between two young people.

IMPREVISTO was recorded in Santa Maria da Feira, produced by Zé Tó Lemos, mixed by João Lebre and mastered by Katie Tavini in England.

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