Isaura presents “Invisível” on Musicbox

On March 24, Isaura has just edited, in a digital exclusive, the new album of originals “Invisível”.

This is the first LP in Portuguese by the singer-songwriter, who in this work brings together songs of love and hope and celebrates the desire to dance and the joy of living. A very personal album for the artist, in which she challenges the limits of pop and indie, questions them, and expands into the multiple registers of her electronic universe, portraying her recent life experiences.

This record will be presented live at Musicbox, in Lisbon, on the 21st of April.
This will be the first concert of the “+ Invisível” tour, which represents the materialization of the songs on this album.
In this show, Isaura presents a hybrid concept – electronic in the beats, bass, voice manipulations, and samples – but contrastingly organic in the additions of drums, guitars, and synthesizers. Isaura’s warm voice, at times fragile and at times expansive, guides the audience through his stories.

The “+ Invisível” concert lineup also includes the “Agosto” EP of 2019, entirely in Portuguese, which will be presented live, for the first time, in this concert that includes a series of premieres.

With an inventive journey, trodden at the intersections of electronic pop, hip hop, and the eighties, Isaura thus returns to the long-term format (LP) to question the limits of pop and challenge those who listen to her to expand their sound universe to receive your different productions; “There’s so much harmony in difference,” she comments.

“Invisível” includes twelve songs, including the singles “Viagem”, “A Noite Não Conta”, “Leve” and “Glória”, a song that she dedicated to her mother and which ends the album’s lineup. The composition of all themes is by Isaura herself, who mentions that “they are the most honest and true songs I have ever written; there are phrases that make me uncomfortable. It’s that discomfort that makes me feel like the job is done.”

Born in Gouveia, in 1989, music came early to Isaura’s life when, since she was young, composed and performed her own songs. She became known to the general public in 2010 on the TV Operation Triunfo program, in 2014 she released the theme “Useless”, followed by the release of her first EP “Serendipity” in 2015, the success of which made Isaura sell out concerts all over the world. country, especially on his tour with Francis Dale, having also performed at the BBC in London.

In 2018, she edited her first album “Human”, by Universal Music Portugal, having also been one of the guest composers for the Festival da Canção, signing the lyrics and music of “O Jardim”, a song performed by Cláudia Pascoal, which won the edition this year. In 2019 she returns to editions with “Agosto”, her first EP exclusively in Portuguese.

With the release of this new single, also sung in Portuguese, the composer who has already collaborated with names such as Luísa Sobral, ProfJam, Ivandro, Diogo Piçarra, Lhast, Pedro da Linha, Salto or Charlie Beats, continues her work of reinventing pop, adding new layers to it and projecting it into the future.

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