ISEG Executive Education launches first Sustainable Finance executive program in Portugal

The executive program Sustainable Finance, from ISEG Executive Education, started yesterday, which has the institutional support of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action.

The opening was in charge of Professor Clara Raposo, President of ISEG and co-ordinator of the program, together with Sofia Santos, also co-ordinator and with extensive experience in the area of ​​sustainability.

Before a group of participants from the finance sector, but also from engineering and biology, the main messages focused on a greener future, which will bring many obligations, but above all opportunities.

Professor Clara Raposo stated that the main objective of the Program and its intervention was: “Realizing how Sustainability is compatible, who knows, with the future of business”.

Sofia Santos, in turn, praised the potential of sustainability: “This fight against climate change can also be a business opportunity. A new economic model also brings business opportunities ”.

The program will run until October 9 and will deal with topics such as the Paris Agreement, Growth Redefinition, Circular Economy, Due Diligence ESG: environment, social and governance in the risk analysis of organizations, Sustainable Financial Products and Sustainable Asset Management.

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