ISEG Executive Education launches new series of webinars to overcome the crisis

ISEG Executive Education presents a new series of webinars, integrated in the “Beyond the Present” cycle, with the objective of contributing to the development of increasingly effective businesses, in the context of the post-pandemic, which will require changes in society and in Business.

In total, there are three webinars that focus on topics and essential tools to prepare the future of professionals and organizations in the face of the most recent crisis: how to plan the way out of the crisis, how to anticipate consumer behavior change and how to manage B2B sales are some of the topics covered.

Facing the Crisis by Creating the Future

Crises evolve and do not last forever. And if the arrival of the crisis could not be anticipated, its exit must be planned. The pandemic hardly gave time for many economic agents to react. Others were legally forced to change, making it impossible for their customers to enter; ending activity; etc.

The institutions that were most equipped with hardware and trained people were the ones that most quickly adjusted to the new way of life. Those that were more flexible and faster were the ones that adjusted more easily” says João Duque.

Reflecting on the future, designing alternative scenarios, generating possible responses to various scenarios, among other new paradigms, is the exercise that João Duque, co-coordinator of the Graduate Program in Financial Analysis, at ISEG Executive Education, will take to the Webinar “Facing the Crisis by Creating the Future ”, on September 24, at 18h15.

Redefining Customer Experience in Turbulent Times

In times of pandemic, an entire population was “forced” to use services and buy products that they had never tried before. It remains to be seen which of these new habits are here to stay and which behaviors and buying habits people will return to as soon as possible.

This is a crucial issue for all companies and organizations, since customer loyalty requires a deep and detailed knowledge of their expectations and needs, as it is absolutely critical to monitor these changes in a timely manner.

Rui Santos – Chairman of the Board of the Association of Customer Service Professionals, General Director of InPar and co-coordinator of the executive program “Transforming Customer Experience”, from ISEG Executive Education – is responsible for the Webinar “Redefining Customer Experience in Turbulent Times”, to be held on 29 October, which will analyze the change in consumer behavior in this pandemic.

B2B Sales Performance: Management and Culture

Rui Franco, General Director of RENTELECOM (REN Group) and and co-coordinator of the executive program “B2B Sales Performance”, from ISEG Executive Education, ensures the last webinar of the series, “B2B Sales Performance: Management and Culture” taking place on the 9th from December.

This online training focuses on the B2B business, which represents more than half of the world economy, and the importance of B2B sales and marketing being treated as a process centered on trust and based on the creative use of data and digital.

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