ISEG Executive Education launches postgraduate courses nationwide

In 2021, ISEG Executive Education will launch three postgraduate courses in blended format, in response to the challenges and needs underlying the pandemic scenario.

The Business Management, Data Science & Business Analytics, and Digital Marketing Strategy programs will be launched in March and April next year in b-learning. This version is essentially intended for those who live outside the Greater Lisbon area.

Graduate programs in blended format will always involve three moments of classroom training at ISEG, which will take place at the beginning, middle and end of the program, involving work sessions with mentors/tutors, seminars, and project presentations.

With this model, the conditions for a training experience of the highest level are guaranteed, ensuring critical classes in face-to-face format and networking. Students will be accompanied in this process by mentors/tutors, who will support them in their process of learning and acquiring skills.

“Exceeding our expectations, the demand for our graduate degrees increased exponentially during the pandemic. However, being programs of considerable duration and carried out in face-to-face format, these were not always viable for all interested parties, namely for those who lived outside Greater Lisbon” explains Luís Cardoso, President of ISEG Executive Education.

“Through b-learning, we eliminated all these constraints, opening“ doors ”to a wider range of trainees. We have three face-to-face moments to foster connection with the campus and the institution, to ensure the best training experience and to ensure networking.”

ISEG Executive Education Post-Graduations are recognized at national level by their faculty and practical programs, very oriented to application in a business context.

B-learning combines some elements of distance learning and elements of classroom training. This modality has numerous advantages such as greater learning flexibility, a richer experience, and less temporal and spatial limitations.

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