ISEG launches first online course on Biodiversity, Business and Finance

The 1950s saw an increasing increase in GDP and in the quality of life of populations, associated with negative impacts on the environment.

The World Economic Forum estimates that today, more than 50% of the world’s GDP depends significantly on nature. Degradation of ecosystems has led to annual losses of up to trillions of dollars. In the coming decades, Portugal will occupy the TOP10 of the World Nations with the GDP most negatively affected by the loss of biodiversity.

With the determination to bring the Environment to the center of Economic and Business Analysis in an informed manner, ISEG, with the support of the Environmental Fund of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Transition, prepared a free online training course on these topics, for the whole community.

“ISEG is determined to train people and conscientious professionals – who know how to be good managers and economists, properly informed. With a posture of social responsibility as a great Public School of Economics and Management, ISEG also opens this training to the general public”, comments Clara Raposo, president of ISEG.

The online course, with recorded lessons and moments of discussion, will run from November 4 to December 14.

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