iServices offers mobile phones to Hospital Centers in Lisbon and Porto

Considering the psychological fragility required by social isolation, iServices delivered 50 mobile phones (iPhones) to Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Lisboa and Centro Hospitalar Universitário de São João in Porto so that they can be used by patients hospitalized with Covid-19 who are are in a situation of isolation and without the possibility of visits. In this way, all patients will be able to make video calls with their family and closest friends.


According to Bruno Borges, CEO and founder of iServices “we know that many patients who are hospitalized do not have smartphones and many of them are resorting to the goodwill of doctors and nurses, who hand over their personal cell phones, so that they establish contacts brief with your family members.
We considered that this situation could cause additional discomfort to the patients and in the scope of our activity and mission we wanted to cooperate ”.


This is a social responsibility initiative in which iServices clarifies that “the offer of these mobile phones is final and both the head of the Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Lisboa and the head of the Centro Hospitalar Universitário de São João in Porto have already expressed their thanks and indicated that these iPhones will certainly bring users closer to their families, making their internment more pleasant. We hope that this contribution can have a positive impact on the daily lives of these patients and, who knows, on their faster recovery ”, says Bruno Borges.


Within the scope of this initiative, the Portuguese company, which is the national leader in the repair of computer equipment and mobile phones, also launches an appeal to the community “anyone who has used mobile phones that they don’t need, can hand them over to iServices and we will do the respective disinfection and preparation to offer them to hospitals and other institutions where there are currently people deprived of contact with their families, as is the case with nursing homes. ”

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