‘Isto não acaba assim’ at Teatro Villaret

Wednesdays and Thursdays from May 10th

Five strangers burst into a theater, fleeing what appears to be a catastrophic situation. In fact, none of them really know what’s going on abroad.

However, the perception that their lives are at risk is imminent, which forces them to not be able to leave the place. It is in this extreme situation that the most unpredictable comedy will unfold, in which five people are forced to share with strangers what is the scariest and most ridiculous day of their lives at the same time.

Based on the television sitcom format, Michel Simeão develops a concept of comedy in short episodes for theatre. An innovative format that took the stage, with Teatro Reflexo, through the presentation of the first two episodes in 2020/21. The third and final chapter arrives in 2023 and the three episodes are presented in a single show at Teatro Villaret.

‘It doesn’t end like this’ promises moments of intensity worthy of the most outrageous television fiction, where there will be no shortage of action, mystery, foreshadowings of catastrophe, some panic, and lots of laughs!

Authorship and Directing Michel Simeão
Directing Assistance José Chaíça
Production Support Maria Camões and Mónica Pedroto
With Ana Cloe, Joana Sapinho, Michel Simeão, Miguel Raposo, Mónica Pedroto, Rita Ruaz

Teatro Villaret
From the 10th of May
Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:00
Tickets: €18

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