It is at the port that the colors will be discussed for 2021

This year, the international platform Intercolor chose the unbeaten city to bring together all those responsible for such a decision.

For the areas of fashion, clothing, textile, design and colour, what colour will dominate the fall/winter of 2020/2021?

The answer will be defined before the end of this month, in Porto. It is there that, between November 21 and 24,

The purpose of this decision, which is defined at each station, is to “give inputs to prepare their collections for this season,” says Cesar Araújo, president of Anivec, quoted by Fashion Network.

Anivec is the National Association of Clothing and Apparel Industries, which represents Portugal at Intercolor, which comprises 16 countries on three continents.

For now, it can not be predicted that colour proposals are on the table, but will be under “Generations Color / Color Generations”, advances the same publication.

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