It was this wave in Nazaré that was worth the entrance of Maya Gabeira in Guiness

Surfer entered the book of records with this wave surfed in January of this year.

Maya Gabeira joined Guinness. The World Surf League announced on Monday that the 31-year-old Brazilian surfer won the 1st edition of the XXL Awards in the category of Unlimited Surfing Unlimited.

In Nazaré, in the North Beach, Gabeira surfed, last January, the wave that led her to break free of the records. The surfer happens to be the woman who surfed the highest wave in the world with 20.72 meters.

“It’s a dream for many years,” said Gabeira, who still remembered the 2013 crash in the same place, which almost took his life.

“After the accident, the dream seemed more distant. It was a lot of work to have a time like the past and to be one hundred percent,” added the Brazilian.

It is recalled that the male record is held by Rodrigo Koxa and also in Nazaré, with a wave of 24.38 meters, 61 inches more than the wave surfed by McNamara in 2011.




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