It was up to Expensive Soul to finish the third and last day of Festa do «Avante!»

The 43rd edition of Festa do «Avante!» returned to Quinta da Atalaia, in Seixal with music, cinema, sports, theatres, half a hundred debates and much more.

The “Avante!” Festival maintains over three decades its unique and dynamic identity that was back in Atalaia, projecting the values ​​of April, that it is alive, concrete and dialectical expression.

The cultural program was diverse and had many attractions: from the central shows to the Cidade da Juventude (City of Youth) and the Palco Novos Valores (New Values ​​Stage) with dozens of youth bands; from Raizes Stage to street animation; from the Espaço Internacional (International City) to CineAvante and AvanTeatro.

There was also a space dedicated to Sports, Discs and Books.

Children could have fun in the Children and Baby zones with various teaching activities, there are also exhibitions and a spot for science.

To see all of this, we could take a ride and ride the Festival’s Train that ran all over the room.

In the year that marks the 45th anniversary of the April Revolution, in the Central Space of the Festival were highlighted the values ​​of the Portuguese Revolution, whose timeliness and projection remain alive.

The «Avante!» Festival had embraced a less ‘disposable’ environment and took steps to eliminate disposable fossil plastic in the enclosure and encouraged the reuse of utensils made from plant and biodegradable materials they use.

The third and last day of the Festa do «Avante!» began at 9:30 am with the great a Race where visitors were invited to take part in this race, running or walking, around the party grounds.

In sport also stood out the final of the Avante Jovem tournament in Benjamis with the teams: AC Sporting Corroios and CDR Fogueteiro; the Women’s Skate demonstration, Roller Hockey and the Figure Skating Festival.

Debates continued on environmental, forest and cork issues; the right to health, fiscal injustice and peace, and sovereignty were also debated.

sebastião antunes & quadrilha

The music spread throughout the venue with bands and groups such as G Combo, Projecto Bug, Iguana Garcia, Os Banza, Grupos de Catares, Horas Vagas Rock Operário, Banda Bond and SE7.

The Roots stage hosted the National Folkloric Groups and Ranchos to cheer up the afternoon.

At 6 pm, the public gathered at the main stage for the great Comício, where Jerónimo de Sousa, the secretary general of the PCP, took the closing stage of the Avante festival to remember the party’s duty to continue fighting for the development of Portugal and Portugal. to continue advancing workers’ rights.

In the 1º de Maio Auditorium, Hill’sUnion, Vitor Rua & The Metaphysical Angles, Tèada, César Cardoso Quarteto with Julian Arguelles, took the stage.

On the main stage, Stage April 25, which began at 2 pm, we can see and hear Zorg, Throes + The Shine, Fast Eddie Nelson and guests, Sebastião Antunes & Quadrilha and Sílvia Perez Cruz.

To end this big party, the chosen ones to take the stage were Expensive Soul, that filled the soul enclosure with its catchy beats that made everyone jump.

The 2019 edition of the captivating Festa do “Avante!” is over, but they are not upset because the 2020 edition is already scheduled and will take place on September 4, 5 and 6 next year.

Mark your diaries now, see you there!

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