ITSector buys Bitmaker

ITSector, a Portuguese company specializing in software development and digital transformation for the financial sector, announced this morning the acquisition of Bitmaker, a Portuguese technology company with software engineering and design skills, which has reference clients in the national and international markets. such as the Portuguese Professional Football League, Porto City Hall, Porto Tourism Association, Tonic App, Infraspeak, Cisco, Foehn, Sodexo, Impulzity, among others.

With the acquisition of Bitmaker, ITSector intends to increase the implementation of projects in other business areas, besides banking and the financial sector, expanding its activity internationally, by exploring markets where ITSector already operates, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, and Poland in Europe, Angola, Mozambique and Kenya in the African market, and Canada in North America, among others.

Founded in 2012, Bitmaker now includes more than 500 workers from the ITSector universe, yet maintains its location at Founders Founders, at Rua do Constituao, in Porto.


Bitmaker has been recognized for participating in technologically complex projects, such as the E-League platform of the Portuguese Professional Football League, which dematerializes the whole process of managing professional football championship games in Portugal.

According to ITSector’s management, “a significant increase in the number of employees is expected in the short term, to sustain the intended growth with the implementation of projects that already exist in the portfolio”.

Acting as a one-stop-shop in technology, design, and growth, Bitmaker’s mission is to help companies through all stages of their product development and business strategies, combining a high level of software engineering expertise with a strong concern at the UI / UX component level.

At a management level, Bitmaker’s leadership will continue to be the responsibility of Ricardo Fernandes, who will retain the role of CEO, with Renato Oliveira and Jorge Ferreira, of ITSector’s management, joining the company’s board.

Founded in 2005, ITSector has 5 Advanced Technology Centers in Portugal (Porto, Lisbon, Braga, Aveiro, and Bragança), as well as offices in Poland, Germany, Angola and Mozambique, focused on Digital Transformation for the Financial Sector in Portugal. More than 20 countries.

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