ITSECTOR forecasts more than 20% growth in 2019 and prepares spin-off launch in the area of cybersecurity

ITSector, a specialist in software development for the financial sector, expects a turnover growth of more than 20% in 2019, reaching € 22m.

After having “closed” the last year with a turnover of € 18M, surpassing the objectives initially set and that pointed to a value in the order of € 16M, the company communicated in press-release sent to PortugaliNews will in 2019 intensify the activity in North America and continue the focus on digital banking transformation in customers of European countries.

“Europe and Canada were the markets where ITSector services grew the most in 2018, contributing actively to a volume of exports of around 30%. This year, with digital banking going through a period of remarkable investment, including in Portugal, and with the long years of experience in this field, we are well positioned to grow again in these markets, “says Jorge Ferreira, vice president of ITSector.

In parallel, ITSector is also preparing to launch another spin-off.

After the creation of ebankIT, which operates with omnicanal products in the banking sector, and ITSCREDIT, focused on the development of innovative products for the credit area, this year the company will present SecuritySide, a startup specialized in the area of cybersecurity for banking, fully focused on developing innovative solutions to protect financial institutions and their clients.

“The mass attacks that are carried out daily on the Internet are increasingly accurate and targeted to both institutions and end users, exponentially increasing the risk associated with online financial transactions. SecuritySide solutions will enable leveraging defence systems online financial platforms against fraud, phishing and other risks associated with their activities on the Internet, ” says Jorge Ferreira.

After having completed 2018 with a number of employees in excess of 400, compared to the 300 of December 2017, ITSector also stresses the need to maintain, in order to achieve the growth objectives it proposes in 2019, to maintain year the high rate of hiring that has come to realize.

It should be remembered that, in this sense, the technology has recently announced that it is already recruiting 50 IT professionals for the Advanced Technologies Center (CETAN) in Bragança, where it will triple the installations in 2019.

In the last year, ITSector also doubled its CETAN facilities in Aveiro, and it has also considerably increased the space for new contractors to operate from Porto, where it is headquartered.

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