IV Avaliações announces new Country Manager for Portugal

Portuguese company is part of the Institute of Valuations (IV) specialized in technology intelligence for Real Estate

IV Ratings, a Portuguese subsidiary of Instituto de Valoraciones (IV), one of the leading valuation companies in the Spanish market, approved by the Bank of Spain, has just strengthened its team in Portugal with the hiring of Mafalda Maia Sêco, who will hold the position of Country Manager. IV Evaluations inaugurated its subsidiary in Portugal in 2017, being responsible for several pilot projects with financial entities, as a result of the expansion plan created by the parent company of the group.

Over the last decade, Mafalda Maia Sêco, the current Country Manager of IV Evaluations in Portugal, has held different positions in consultants and real estate companies such as Aguirre Newman, CPU Consultores, and Whitestar Asset Solutions. The acquired experience will translate into a strong technical and management contribution to the company, both in the implementation and migration of the group’s technological models, as well as in the expansion of the business itself.

“IV Ratings provides a service of excellence to its clients with greater transparency, dynamics, and speed, combining all the know-how and knowledge of the real estate market with the software that the company has at its disposal”, affirms Mafalda Maia Sêco.

This hiring reinforces the group’s commitment to the national market where, since 2017, the company has been investing in the development of pioneering digital systems in Real Estate, supported by a highly experienced team in the field of technology.

The system of automatic valuations and the platform for the graphic representation of real estate assets, which allow the location and analysis of the information associated with the parameters – value, area, type of asset, etc., whether at a global, municipal or specific areas. All this supported by large databases created by the company itself.

Likewise, IV owns management software and control of the evaluation process capable of giving transparency to the entire workflow, where several agents intervene, allowing real-time knowledge of the state of each process in a system which can be adapted to any type of business.

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