IVDP bets on virtual tourism

The Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto, IP (IVDP), announced that the restructuring of its website underlies the bet on virtual tourism, where, for the first time, they become possible 360º virtual reality visits to its historic building, in the center of Porto.

It is a playful-pedagogical instrument capable of stimulating the desire to know the space itself, go through the DO Porto and Douro certification process, visit the Region (Douro / Wine Cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia) or consume Wines of the Porto and the Douro.

Just a click away, it is possible to penetrate the history of the IVDP, ‘stroll’ through spaces, visit lounges and glimpse the details of the neoclassical architecture of its building built in 1843.

But the digital repositioning of the Institute goes much further, as from now on it also allows access to the events agenda and many more and new contents providing an immersive approach in the world of Douro and Port wines.

“From the beginning, the IVDP saw this opportunity as an innovative instrument in terms of form and approach, which is nothing more than increasing our closeness to our stakeholders, telling our story to everyone who visits us from anywhere world”, declares Gilberto Igrejas, President of the IVDP.

With this commitment, the objective of the IVDP is above all to share its activity even more, providing access to its newsletter in real time, to exhibitions and projects, to the consultation of sector statistics, to the certification and control manuals, and even to all tourist information.

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