IVDP launches video tribute to the people of the Douro

The Douro and Porto Wine Institute, I.P. (IVDP) has just launched a VIDEO called “TOGETHER WE’LL CONTINUE THE DOURO”, in the sense of celebrating the work that hides behind its infinite beauty, an impulse to be reborn and continue to be the Douro ever, asserting with images stunning.

“In the eternal poem of its overwhelming dimension, the Douro reminds us of its resilience. Hear the echo of the mountains, hear the voice of its people. This Douro will not be overcome, a living testimony to the creative impulse of our ancestors ”, emphasizes Gilberto Igrejas, President of the IVDP.

The IVDP intends to invite the whole society to feel the touch of its people, to fill with this video the emptiness of time that will be filled again, to make a toast with Douro wine, a toast with Port wine, to the great deeds from the past and the certainty that it will win in the future.

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